This is totally irrelevant, but I have to share because I think the picture is too funny.  My friend Jessie joined Isaac and me for lunch today.  Isaac hung out in his high chair while I cooked and talked on the phone with Mom (Isaac’s Nana).  Here’s how Isaac entertained himself:

“Look, Mom, no hands!”

The grand adventure that is eating is beginning for Isaac.  We bought his first foods at Whole Foods yesterday.  Today, I made him some very liquefied rice cereal.  He made less of a mess than I anticipated, but fear not, he still had plenty of food on his chin and his bib.

He really wanted to chew on the spoon and didn’t understand why I kept taking it out of his mouth.

I can’t imagine that he actually swallowed more than 1/4 teaspoon of the food that did make it into his mouth, but at least we made a good first effort.

I think he’s going to get this all figured out pretty soon.  He likes to help Mom get the spoon in his mouth, even though his aim is less than perfect.  I am glad he was so interested in helping me.  Here’s a little action from earlier today.  He is always quite the ham for the camera.  Feel free to mute this if you’d rather not listen to my voice…

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