Todd got the majority of the carpeting taken care of this weekend.  He patched the carpet upstairs and in the living room.  He also carpeted the top half of the stairs.  All that is left is the carpeting on the landing and down the stairs to the main level.  It’s amazing how much better the living room feels already.

We haven’t moved most of the furniture back into the family room yet.  I am planning to have the baby boys and their moms over this week, so it will work out well to have more free space on the carpet and less furniture, anyway.

Downstairs, entering the family room from the front door:

Entering the master closet:

Upstairs, hall closet:

Every weekend, we get a little closer to a completed house!  Todd’s goal is to get the downstairs finished (not including window sills) before Isaac’s baptism on November 7.  He’s made great progress and I’m enjoying reaping the benefits!

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