Getting Ready…

I went to Whole Foods today in search of “real” food for Isaac.  He will be six months old on Friday, so it’s about time for us to get started.  I am intending to make some of his food, but before I invest my time into doing that, I bought a few first foods in jars to see what he likes.  There’s no sense spending time steaming and pureeing sweet potatoes if he hates them…  I am sure we will have plenty of amusing photos to post in the near future as we get ready for the next phase.

A little video to show you how much our mini-man is growing!  He  is now able to reach the star mounted at the top of the play gym.  WOW!!!

We expect that Isaac will begin sitting very soon, too.  He’s begun doing “crunches” from a reclined position.  Once he pulls himself up, though, he topples too far forward.  He is getting a little better every day, though!

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