First Impressions of Leuven

Goedemorgen (good morning) from Leuven! We arrived yesterday via Eurostar from London. We took the train to the airport in Brussels and rented a Fiat 500. Super cute! Also, small enough to park, and with a manual transmission. Thank goodness we can both drive a stick shift.

We checked in at our B&B, which has a nice big bed and a great bathroom. Our hostess was very sweet and set us up with an espresso and a cappuccino before we left to explore.

The super-narrow treads and short steps make it a little more interesting, but there is festive decor.

My first real impression of Leuven is one of amazing architecture. The Town Hall was “built in a Brabantine Late Gothic style between 1448 and 1469.” (Thanks Wikipedia). See for yourself!

St. Peter’s Church next door is also pretty impressive, but it was so large I had trouble capturing it all.

But here are a few other glimpses of the town before I leave to explore this morning:

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