London En Route to Belgium

We landed in London late last night after an overnight stay in Chicago. I would say which days they were, but frankly I’m not sure what today is! I know I’m on my second morning without snuggles from my babies… Today we leave for Belgium, though, and I couldn’t be more excited!
It has been a thoroughly interesting trip so far. I packed 2 small bags. 

It was exciting even before we left Austin because I packed in such a hurry that I forgot several essentials, including my airplane boarding pass! I also neglected to pack dress shoes, toothbrush, face wash, all moisturizers, and a comb/brush. Thankfully our hotel in Chicago was close to Target…
Chicago was a fun place to land for an accountant. The whole city is set up on a grid, so there were lots of rows and columns.
We flew out bright and early yesterday morning for London Heathrow. We flew Business Class thanks to Todd’s system-wide upgrades and it was an easy trip with movies and ebooks for entertainment. Fully-reclining seats didn’t hurt, either.

We navigated Heathrow with no major challenges, caught the Heathrow Express (train) to Paddington Stain, took the Underground to King’s Cross and stayed in the smallest hotel room I have ever seen. The bathroom door didn’t fully open because it ran into the foot of Todd’s bed, but we were thankful to have a private bathroom. It was clean and the beds were comfy with lovely down blankets. We even slept with the window open because Europe.

The lighting situation caused a great deal of hilarity last night at 12:45 a.m. as we were finally checked into our room and trying to get ready for bed. This is the light switch for the bedroom:
If you turn on switch A, the overhead light turns on. Switch B turns on the light over the mirror. Tap Switch A again to turn off both. Switch A can turn OFF both lights, but will only turn on the one. Then, because that wasn’t confusing enough, the lights in the bathroom were on a sensor, but we didn’t realize it when we originally opened the door. But we were in fits of hysteria trying to figure out how to get the room dark enough to sleep in it.
As we were in King’s Cross Station this morning, we had to stop for a quick photo or two. I was exactly this giddy to be here:
Sadly, as Muggles, we couldn’t breach the barrier.

This morning we were again on the move before the sun was fully up. As I type, we are on the Eurostar riding through the Chunnel. We have had a lovely breakfast and are awaiting our arrival in Brussels and then we will be off to Leuven.

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