More Kindergarten

Homeschool is continuing on really well, but I’m not doing a good job at updating the blog. I’m going to do an update for about 2 weeks’ worth of schooling because Todd left with my laptop power cord… for Austria. I’m not able to do much with my blog on the old computer upstairs because it is painfully slow and my new power cord won’t be here until Wednesday. Bear with me…

This is the pile of books and manipulatives we’re going to be using this school year. I meant to post this photo in the beginning, but forgot about it.

Isaac continues to work on his letters – he LOVES to write them BIG on the easel!!!

We made a weather vane when we were learning about wind.

Not school-related! Laine was helping Todd work on the shed and I loved this shot of her in her little work gloves.

You needn’t worry that it’s “all work and no play” around here…

Painting and crafts aren’t a part of our daily plans, but I know the kids would like them to be. I’m trying to get better about that.

Isaac working on his “Explode the Code” workbooks. The kids and I are crazy about these books. I actually had to hide them from Isaac for a while because he wanted to work on them *constantly*. They’re a fantastic tool for learning phonics/phonemics.

Using the magnifying glass to inspect some leaves and debris from around the yard.

Sorting the leaves out:

Working on the letter t in “Explode the Code.” 

These are some of the pages from his “Explode the Code” workbooks. You can see where he’s really mastering the letter sounds. I’m ecstatic about how quickly he’s picking this up.

I promise there will be more soon. I have the photos loaded onto my laptop and I’ll work on updating again as soon as I get a new power cord – hopefully Wednesday afternoon!

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