Reading is FUNdamental

It turns out I’m not great at keeping up with a blog. Taking a break from the kids’ posts and posting more on a home-change (if not strictly an improvement) project:

Laine loves to look at books. Even though she’s still not reading yet (which is fine! She’s 3!), she really enjoys books. She’s officially finished with potty training and we have finally moved the changing station out of her room. In a perfect world, I’d have sold it by now, but we’ll get there eventually. I decided to make the little closet in her room into a reading nook just for her. We added some pink paint, rain gutter shelves, some paper lanterns with twinkle lights inside, and a squashy chair. It’s her little slice of heaven.

Here’s our starting point:

 Laine was excited at the chance to paint her own closet:

Naturally, Isaac wasn’t about to let her (or me) tackle that project alone.

I think they did an excellent job! 🙂 I may have helped a wee bit.

Showing off her new chair:

The finished product:


Enjoying her new reading nook:

One of the books we borrowed from the library is PIGS MAKE ME SNEEZE! by Mo Willems. Both of my kids have thoroughly enjoyed this book and I got a great little video of her “reading” it in her new space.


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