Week in Review

Isaac and I re-discovered the ball thrower. It is MUCH better than me throwing by myself. I am a terrible throw. No dogs were injured in the making of this video…

CRAZY wind storm earlier this week. You can’t see much in the video, but listen to the noise. Nuts-o.

This dump truck toy box was made by Todd’s grandfather for Todd when he was little. The door says “TJ’s Trucking” on it because that was Todd’s nickname as a little boy.

This was our entertainment on several different afternoons this week. Laine was napping, so Isaac and I had some fun in the front yard.

This has also been a repetitive activity this week. I am so glad that Isaac now gets excited about playing with Laine!

This little one is all mischief. I have to keep her out of trouble somehow! (Please don’t report me; I swear on my life that I have never closed the gate while she is inside).

Isaac has a spray bottle for cleaning the windows (and occasionally himself).

Tonight’s entertainment:

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