September 2012

This month has started with a bang. Saturday, we went to a splash pad to celebrate our friend Christopher’s 2nd birthday. We have been to another splash pad in the area, so I wasn’t expecting much. This one was terrific!

First, Laine got all Hollywood on us as we got ready to go:

After Isaac had thoroughly inspected the large sand pit, he was ready to find out more about the water. It took him a few minutes to get comfortable, but once he did, there was no slowing him down…

He and Dad finally found the water slide, where Isaac happily played for over an hour. Initially, Dad needed to go down the slide with him.

Then he got a little braver.

Today was a momentous occasion. It was Laine’s first Virginia Tech Game Day! She was dressed to the nines in anticipation.

We started the day by fueling up with breakfast tacos. We were proudly representing the Hokie Nation at Rudy’s!

Laine practiced her rolls in excitement.

Twice today, Laine rolled over from her tummy to back and then continued to roll onto her back again. Dave and Judy, the fun part is that she always rolls in the same direction and it’s the OPPOSITE of the one Isaac rolled in! I will eventually capture it on video, but it might take me a few days…

Isaac hammed it up with me! This was after he tackled me while I was trying to film Laine and her rolling. LOL

We got ridiculous family photos of all of us in our Virginia Tech gear. Even Jackson wore his collar.

Dinner time! We had ribs and (Isaac had a lot of) beans to get started on a full stomach.

Laine got a little rest…

Finally, the game came on.

The rest of the game, I was not fit to photograph. What a nail biter! Fortunately, the Hokies pulled it out in the end and we won by a field goal in overtime. It was the first overtime ever at Lane Stadium. All in all, a great holiday weekend!

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