10 Years of Marriage.

Last weekend, Todd and I celebrated our first 10 years of marriage! It was interesting because it doesn’t feel like we should be old enough to have been married for that long. 😛 Apparently, we are. 

We had a wonderful anniversary on Friday. Todd took the day off work and we spent some time together as a family. Todd put his house projects on hold for the day. We went to Kerbey Lane Cafe for breakfast – which was good because they are open 24 hours and we were there well before 9:00! We also had a late lunch at Chuy’s to celebrate. It was a gorgeous day, so we ate and had margaritas outside.

A *few* highlights of the last 10 years:
Honeymoon cruise
2 trips to the UK
1 trip to Paris, France
1 trip to Munich, Germany
1 trip to Florence, Italy
1 trip to Cozumel, Mexico
1 trip for Grandma Gosser’s 90th Birthday in Florida
1 trip to Yough in Pennsylvania
1 trip to San Francisco & Napa Valley
Purchased our new home
Completely remodeled interior of the home
Amazing front porch added to home
Jeep Liberty for H
Chevy truck for T
Ford Flex for H
Countless visits to Virginia/Maryland to see family

We started a list of things we’d like to do within the next decade of marriage. So far, we have:
Visit Chicago (with kids)
Visit Big Bend (with kids)
Leave kids with grandparents for a weekend and go away just the 2 of us. (This one is still a couple of years off, I think!)

One thought on “10 Years of Marriage.

  1. Oh, I remember that young couple, when they got engaged and married. It really does not seem like ten years! You guys beat us, though, having had two kids by your tenth anniversary. I was pregnant with Caroline ON our tenth anniversary.


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