Isaac’s 2-Year Photos

I asked my friend Jennifer to take pictures of Isaac for his second birthday. She came over one day back in late April/early May and got some AMAZING photos. She began editing and sent me several via email. I shared those with a few people. Then, Jennifer got very sick. She’s been in and out of the hospital in Houston (she lives in Austin) while she continues to baffle some of the doctors there. They have run lots of tests and have gotten some, but not all, of the answers. I don’t want to post more about it here because, frankly, it’s her business. I will, however, ask you to pray for her that she will regain her health and be back home in Austin, for GOOD, soon. She’s been through a lot…

Anyway, she dropped off a CD of photos of Isaac for me over the weekend. They are absolutely breath-taking. I wanted to share just a few of my favorites with you. We are hopeful that Jennifer will be able to take some family photos of us, as well, but are waiting for her to feel better.

We decided not to try for posed pictures, so Jennifer captured Isaac being himself and playing and having fun in the back yard.

Laine sleeping on Nana (less than 2 months old):

Mommy and Daughter:

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