Mini Man & Li’l Miss

Most of this update is just going to be of the Kodak variety…  A few things to note, however. Isaac is beginning to put words together and speak in short sentences. Yesterday’s most common phrases were “concrete mixer” and “up and down.” I recognize that these aren’t examples of sentences, but they were the things I heard most yesterday. Isaac’s latest favorite game is “choo choo,” where he is the head of the train and I, sometimes carrying Laine, follow him around the train table over and over. He LOVES this game. He has learned to climb onto his changing table and wants to climb down. In short, he’s very busy. 🙂

Laine is an angel. She has been sleeping through the night since before her 2-month appointment. She is still a good little eater and has had no reflux or colic. I feel like we’ve won the lottery! She makes very sweet cooing noises at us and is becoming more and more alert. She is more interested in Isaac every day because he is always moving and doing something. It’s hard to get her to nurse when he’s in the room.

Dad reading to Isaac, Spot, and Monkey:

White noise app on the phone? Check. Comfy Daddy to snuggle on? Check.

Isaac doesn’t understand why someone would ever close a door to go to the bathroom…

Helping Mommy vacuum in the kitchen:


Outtakes from Laine’s 2-month photo:

In case you don’t get the idea from the above pictures, here’s a video from last week. I am SO glad Isaac loves his baby sister.

Mom’s shoes:

Peeking through the old back fence to where Dad is working:

Isaac has started arranging his chairs in the living room:

Kids together for July calendar photo:

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