Yard Update

I know I have been remiss in posting. Here’s the yard.

The weekend we had the excavator:

Isaac helping to shovel:

Imagine you are a two-year-old boy. Define Heaven:

Todd had been running pipes to install sprinklers all day on Sunday. Our friend Brent came by that afternoon to help:

In the middle of the night on Sunday:

New weekend, new equipment. This handy machine had all sorts of attachments. Todd used a bucket and a flat metal piece to do some leveling. He and Brent shared the equipment from Memorial Day weekend through the following Saturday. Brent used a trenching attachment (so did Todd) and he used some of the drill attachments. I should have photographed the trailer. It was very well-designed to hold the dozen or so various attachments.

Sprinklers! In the back yard. You can see that the dirt is more level:

Front yard:

Side yard (by the neighbors’ house):

New section of fence:

 Isaac helping Todd build the gate:

Workers tearing up the sidewalk last Tuesday:

Pouring new sidewalk Tuesday afternoon:

Todd rented a tiller this weekend. Todd also raked up all of the debris and we dumped it into the creek bed behind the house. The trailer he rented to haul the tiller was able to dump, which was a HUGE help.

Sod is supposed to be installed on Thursday, so I will try to update then.

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