Digging in the Dirt

Ha! I bet you thought this post was going to be about Isaac, didn’t you? It is, but mostly it’s about Todd. 🙂 As all 3 of my readers will remember, we had a lot of work done recently to connect our house to the city sewer line. As that project was wrapping up, Todd had some pipe installed to run sprinklers. This weekend, he’s started digging up the rest of the yard to install the sprinklers. He’s rented a mini-excavator so that he can dig up around the yard to bury the pipes. He’s also going to work on leveling and grading the front yard some. It’s been a MESS since the front porch project… You really have to watch your step.

I saw Todd drive past the house yesterday with this monstrosity in tow.  He turned around in the park before backing in:

Isaac checks it out:

Pulling forward to loosen the chains:


Down the ramp!

Testing out the “toy”:

Getting the hang of it:

Isaac exploring:

More digging:

Isaac checks out the view with his Daddy:

I’ll post more progress later.  Suffice it to say that the front yard is now less grassy than it used to be.  🙂  I’ll bet our neighbors wish we’d move.  LOL

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