Isaac is using all sorts of words to communicate now.  Here are a few we hear often:
Milk (along with the ASL sign)
More (along with the ASL sign) – this does not necessarily mean “more” of something he currently has, however.
Shoes (along with the ASL sign) – this is by far his favorite word.  It’s the first thing he says every morning.
Go – said as “Go go GO!!!”
No (of course)
Yeah (thank goodness) – usually accompanied by a vigorous nod
Woof Woof – whenever he sees a dog, including Jackson
Meow – not used nearly as often as “Woof Woof”
Choo Choo – relates to anything with trains, whether they are in a book or at the train table (Dave and Judy, this is what he says when he wants to read Dog Train)
Cheers – complete with toasting with his milk, something that I STILL haven’t been able to capture on camera
Uh Oh – whenever he drops something
Car – multiple cars warrant a “Car Car”
Cark – this either means Truck or Honk (the sound a truck makes).  We aren’t sure which.
Bath – he tries to say this one, but he absolutely knows what it means.
‘Na (along with the ASL sign) – this means banana
He signs “Eat”, but he still doesn’t say the word

He clearly understands more than this.  If I mention “Daddy” and “home” in the same sentence before Todd arrives home from work, Isaac will immediately go to the front door and begin pounding on it.  He understands the word “outside” and MOST days he understands “walk.”  Sometimes he just wants to go outside and selectively forgets the word walk…  He is saying something that sounds like “swing,” which is one of his favorite things outside, along with the sandbox, which he also understands.  At night, we will say either “Do you want a bath?” or “Ready to go to bed?”, both of which means he heads to the bottom of the stairs and starts climbing.  He gets a bath at least every other night, but he tries to get one every night.  Tonight, for example, however, he was WAY too tired to bathe him…

He is getting better with “gentle touches” and he recognizes the phrase, but still gets a bit carried away sometimes.  The biggest challenge with this is keeping him from hitting/throwing things at Jackson when he gets excited.  He just *loves* the dog and wants to play with him ALL of the time.  Jackson, not so much.  🙂  He’s a very patient pet.

There are probably another 50+ words he understands, but I can’t think of them just now.  Meanwhile, here’s a short clip of Daddy coming home in the evening.  I was too late grabbing the camera to capture all of the squealing that preceded Isaac looking out the window, but I think you’ll get the general idea.  🙂

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