1 1/2-Year-Old Explorer

Started this post yesterday and then got tired of waiting for YouTube to upload my videos…
I decided to just follow Isaac around with the camera on a gorgeous, sunny afternoon Sunday.  He had great fun…

We started in the front yard…

Walking around, looking like a big boy!

Short video, but nice to see his smiling face…

Checking out the progress on the front porch…

And then quickly moved to the back yard, where most of the construction equipment is being stored.  This little gem in his hand is a magnet to pick up loose nails and screws.

He LOVED it because the handle had been lowered to just his height.

Then we moved over to the sand table, where some nails were stacked on top.  Isaac sorted some of them into the bird house.


Which nail is next?

In action:

Electrical outlet around the side of the garage

Dad’s lawn mower

Gate on the other side of the yard…

Before heading back to the porch to sit for a second and a half…

Then he decided to carry around this half-full paint can and Jackson came to investigate

I can do it, Mom!

Measuring how high the grill is

Wow!  That’s way up there!

Stephanie, this toy reminds me of the tractor at the Kathy Caraway place.  I thought he was going to fall over pushing it…

Just before Daddy got home and we went back inside…

Isaac worked up quite an appetite.  Here he is enjoying some sweet potatoes with dinner:

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