Friday Porch Progress

The framing crew arrived again today.  It’s safe to say that they don’t have *exactly* the same work ethic as the concrete guys did.  They also don’t work nearly as quickly/efficiently.  That said, the house is getting there, so I’ll try to keep my complaining to a minimum.  🙂  They finished placing all of the posts this morning and began working on hanging the supports for the second floor.  Now that the “ceiling” is going in for the first floor, I can’t believe how open it feels down there!  I was a little worried that the first floor was going to feel a little bit closed in.  I needn’t have concerned myself.  It definitely doesn’t!
Street-level view (the one we take every day that work is done):

View from the driveway.

 Looking up!

It’s a LONG porch…

Todd standing on top of the wood to be placed for the decking upstairs – thinking about our future porch.

Isaac trying to climb out the window to join his dad:

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