Fun Days

Todd pulled out Isaac’s Legos for the first time last night.  By the end of the night, Isaac was having great fun bringing me all of the different pieces.  He also enjoyed pulling them off the big red “mat” as soon as Todd would put get them stacked.  I think he’s really going to have a lot of fun with them as he continues to figure out how they work.  They aren’t quite as foot-friendly as the foam blocks when you step on them, though.

This morning, Isaac needed a bath after breakfast.  He succeeded in smearing quite a bit of his fruit into (and through) his romper.  I decided to give him a quick dip in the tub before his nap.  In an effort to make it quick, I let the water run in the tub while I undressed Isaac and got him ready to get in.  As a result, he had much deeper water than usual.  Clearly, he thought this was wonderful!

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