Entree du Jour: Butternut Squash with Corn

I would say this has been Isaac’s favorite meal.  I couldn’t feed him fast enough!  He finished his meal in record time.  I fed him a little more than I was “supposed” to since it was his first exposure to corn, but I am glad I did.  Hopefully, there will be no allergy issues.  I’m a little jealous of some of Isaac’s friends’ moms (Cash’s mom, Stephanie, for example) because they seem to be able to feed their sons any and everything.  I have to carefully screen for milk in everything.  I still haven’t called to make sure that he isn’t allergic to anything else.  Hopefully seafood isn’t on the allergy list because a lot of the “second foods” seem to have tuna oil in them.  I am not a big fan of worrying about everything Isaac might eat…

After Isaac finished eating, I set him on the kitchen floor while I put my dinner in the crock pot.  Isaac is not wearing pants today because it’s in the 70’s outside.  Gorgeous, January weather.  LOL  God bless Texas!  Anyhoo, he seemed to crawl much better on the hardwood without the slick pants he’s been wearing.  I can tell he’s getting stronger and enjoying crawling much more.  Not nearly as much belly-crawling…  He’s also pulled himself to a stand a couple more times.  It’s so fun to see how proud he is of himself when he does it.  Hopefully I will be able to capture it on camera at some point so you can share his excitement.  :o)

In other fun news, even Todd has noticed that Isaac’s laughing more now.  He loves to be tickled and seems to generally be having more fun.  He still gets a huge kick out of me trying to crawl on the floor, too.  He’s such a joy to watch.

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