Isaac Feeds Himself (Sort of)

Warning:  These videos are much longer than usual.  The first one is 1.5 minutes (if you’re in a hurry, skip to about the 40-second mark) and the second one is over 2 minutes long.

I may have missed my window of opportunity on getting Isaac’s horrible expressions from trying to eat his Gerber Puffs.  I tried, though.  This video will give you a hint as to what his reaction has been to the Puffs.  The funny part is, he’ll make these faces and then stick another one in his mouth!

After this, I fed him some sweet potatoes, but he was still hungry afterwards.  I thought I’d try to give him some banana.

Isaac has started really crawling over the last day or so.  It looks like a zombie crawl and more like a real baby crawl now.  He does opposite arms and legs as he crawls (which is correct, there’s better balance this way).  I had to relearn to crawl to help him learn because apparently adults do it wrong.  If you haven’t crawled on the floor in a while, get down on your hands and knees and try it.  You’ll see what I mean.

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