Isaac’s First Christmas!

Isaac certainly had an enjoyable first Christmas.  He got lots of new toys, some new clothes, and a child-size table and chairs.  His favorite parts were, of course, the wrapping paper and the boxes.  I took several photos of Isaac in front of the tree, per my mom’s request.  This was Christmas Eve, before Santa came.

As you can see, Isaac is curious about the camera and what Mom is doing and would rather not sit still for a photo op.  :o)  Our little adventurer…

Here’s a little insight into trying to get a good photo pose (after we took away a gift for Todd and swapped it with a gift for Isaac):

This was Isaac opening his very first present, a bunch of stacking cups from Todd’s Aunt Nancy and Uncle Rod.  These were a huge hit.

Isaac played with each of his toys as they were opened.  I enjoyed it because I understand that it’s only going to be that way for a few years before the excitement is opening the next gift instead of playing with the toy he’s just seen.

He decided he needed a nap about 5 minutes after I finished this video.  He opened 4 gifts, took a nap, then opened more gifts.  It was a fun way to draw out the excitement of Christmas.

We had an outstanding feast last night.  I had originally thought I would bake a goose, but reconsidered after reading that I would have to siphon off the fat every 20 minutes and, oh, by the way, goose fat is highly *flammable*.  The ham was great (and low maintenance)!

At our Thanksgiving feast, Isaac was sick.  I remember thinking that we were unbelievably blessed with all the wonderful things that happened this year.  I still feel the same way a month later.  2010 has been the most incredible year!

We ended our day with a Skype call to my sister and her family in Virginia.  We saw lots of people because Dave’s daughters were also there and Mom was staying with them.  It was snowing there and we got to see the accumulation through the windows.  They loved the white Christmas and were not-so-secretly hoping the girls would get snowed in and “have” to stay a few extra days.  It was so good to be able to see them as we talked.  The girls are 14, 12, and 11.  Todd and I haven’t seen them in 3 years now, though I try to keep up with the oldest on Facebook.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of them, even if I can’t get a hug through Skype.

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