Grandma and Grandpa

Todd’s parents arrived in Austin yesterday.  We are so glad they are here!  Isaac is a completely different baby than when they last saw him at 2 weeks old.  Now, he is using his hands to grab his toys, he babbles, he rolls from his tummy to his back (and is trying to learn how to roll back), he is learning to eat solid food, and all sorts of other things.  Grandma is quite smitten with her youngest grandson and they had a little chat last night.  Isaac was laughing at Grandma quite a bit and he was all smiles while they caught up on the latest news.

This weekend, Isaac will be attending Wurst Fest for the first time.  This is great because we’ve been so many times and it’s one of our favorite family traditions!  We’ll be sure to get photos and video of Isaac dancing to some polka music.

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