Last night I was able to hang Isaac’s Johnny Jump-Up in the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room. How exciting!  There’s a door frame!!  Todd hung it with extra nails so I could hang our child from it!!  But I digress…

Isaac had a great time “hanging out” in his new toy.  He hasn’t quite figured out the jumping part.  He kicks his feet when he gets excited.  He gets excited in the Jump-Up.  So he kicks his feet.  Which twirls him in circles and bounces him around a little bit.  Anyway, I think this will be what helps him to figure out the bouncing feature of this new contraption.  It makes me laugh every time I watch him do this!

I know that this next video is someday going to cause me to look back and say, “My gosh, I was so young!”  I hope you can see how smiley the mini-man is in this video.  He was having a ball!

Finally, Daddy was not to be outdone and had to get in on the action while I went back to fixing our (awesome) chicken jambalaya for supper.

I am so glad that I ordered Isaac’s swing!  I can’t wait for it to get here!  We went to a park with my friend Samantha and her sons, Connor and Mason, today.  Mason was born on Isaac’s due date, so he’s just a few days younger than Isaac.  The smaller boys had fun playing on the swings with their mommies while Connor ran around and played with a couple of older boys.  Here’s a quick shot of Isaac having some fun.

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