Ergo Baby

I apologize for the lack of posts over the last week or two.  We’ve been quite busy!  Last Wednesday, of course, our Baby Mamas group met.  Several people have asked me what we do when our group meets.  Basically, we chat, eat, nurse our baby boys, chat, watch the boys play, and chat.  Last week, we met at our house so we could show off the new floors!  Isaac wore himself out with his hosting duties:

Todd and I have been using a Baby Bjorn to carry Isaac around for extended periods of time.  This has been an awesome thing for us!  The weight limit on it, however, is 25 pounds.  It carries the weight of the baby across your shoulders.  This works fine for Todd, but as Isaac’s getting heavier, it’s much harder for me.  I borrowed an Ergo Baby Carrier from my friend Amanda.  I LOVE IT!

Last week, the other mommies decided to try it out, too.  Allison held Anderson:

Then Candy carried Henry:

The boys were all comfy and we had fun “playing.”  I used the Ergo this past weekend to carry Isaac around Six Flags for the NI company picnic on Sunday.  I have decided I am going to go buy my own carrier now.

My previous life…

I had an interesting conversation on the phone with my sister last night. I was telling her all about the wonderful brunch I had with my other Baby Mama girlfriends. One of the topics at breakfast was what we had done “in our previous [pre-baby] lives.” She didn’t care for the phrase “previous lives”. It’s a phrase I have been known to use regularly. Granted, usually when I said it, I was at work saying things like’ “well, in a previous life, I worked for a custom-home builder” or “in a previous life, when I thought I could rule NYC at the ripe old age of 24″… I definitely think of my life differently now that I have a child. I can no longer look at the world as though I am not a mother. I can’t remember what my thought processes were like before Isaac entered my life. So I really do think of the days before Isaac as a previous life. Days when could sleep in on Saturdays, eat out when I liked, and carry a purse smaller than most women’s wallets… All that said, her reaction to the phrase did give me pause. I didn’t, after all, die (although for a few hours there, it seemed tempting) giving birth. As poetic as it would sound, I was not then re-born with my son.

My career path (life?) has taken a sharp left over the last 2 years! I was never much of a ladder-climber to start, in spite of being very good at my job and rising quickly into management positions. There were nights and weekends I spent in my office and I loved it because I felt like a valuable contributor. There were other nights and weekends that I questioned my sanity doing, literally, exactly the same things. Such is the nature of accounting. Now, my job is to make sure my baby boy grows into a well-adjusted child. This is much more rewarding work. Some days it is much easier than the corporate career I left behind. Other days, I wonder how anything can be so challenging! Thank goodness I am not teaching Isaac values and morals yet!

Anyway, I hope Kristin doesn’t mind that I shared part of our conversation on the interweb. I just spent quite some time ruminating on this in lieu of sleep last night. Anyway, a picture of my current boss just because you read this long-winded ramble:

I need a blog title!

I have several friends who write blogs.  I have been pretty opposed to starting one of my own because I didn’t think I’d be very good at keeping up with it.  After reading my friends’ blogs, though, particularly Stephanie’s, I’ve decided to give it a shot.  Worst case scenario, I’ll suck and forget to write, right?  :o)

Honestly, the hardest part of this decision has been trying to determine a name for the blog.  I am now accepting suggestions.  I plan to write mostly about the (mis)adventures of Isaac and the construction of our house.  This will give both sets of parents a chance to keep up with the goings-on in Texas, without having to create Facebook accounts.

To help your creative juices:  here’s a cute video of Isaac.  He learned how to stick his tongue out at us last night, so he was practicing when I started recording: