If you’ve ever been to Holland in April or May, you’ve definitely heard the name Keukenhof. It is called “The Garden of Europe.” It is absolutely gorgeous, but I’m not a good enough photographer to have been able to capture most of it. Plus I wanted to enjoy the day without spending it all viewing through a phone lens… Now, I did take a zillion photos. I TRIED to pick out the best ones so I wouldn’t inundate you. This was really hard to do because it was the most incredible place.

A few daffodils and tulips in the most beautiful, vibrant colors
The Texans (and winter Texans) who read this will know that bluebonnet photos are an annual tradition. These flowers are not bluebonnets, but they were similar enough that we decided this would work for our 2019 “bluebonnet” pic.
These tulips! This was my favorite patch of tulips because they mixed so many colors together. While it was lovely to see them separated by color, this was more interesting to me.
If there is a cheerier flower than the daffodil, I don’t know what it is. These are mixed with hyacinths and the result was stunning. I also wish I could have bottled the scent because it was so lovely.
These yellow tulips are just beginning to bloom and they are mixed with some beautiful blues and whites.

Keukenhof also offered some other types of entertainment. One of those was this super-cool player machine which works a bit like a player piano with additional belts and such. I heard “In the Mood” from a distance and practically ran to find the source. I attended a few dozen jazz band concerts in high school, so that song always brings back fond memories.

The front of the machine with the “animations” (and pedestrians because there were a LOT of people there that day)
How it works: Keukenhof style
There were lots of hyacinths everywhere. The scent was intoxicating.
We walked across wooden “lily pads” in one of the ponds. I was nervous one of us would fall in, but that was not the adventure of the day.
The kids mostly tolerated my requests for photos.

There were several fun photo ops, as well. Laine and I took advantage of all of them.

Very large wooden clogs!
You’ll never catch me!
She was ready to roll

There was also a great play area for the kids. This was a fun place for them to climb across various rope bridges. Then we found the zip line, which the kids wouldn’t ever miss an opportunity to ride.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

We ended the day by climbing up this lovely windmill. I got a couple of great little videos of the inside workings, but unfortunately I didn’t save them. I’m sorry to have lost them, but it was an incredibly neat experience, nonetheless.

Getting to see, and then climb inside, this windmill in the midst of these incredible gardens was one of the highlights of my 2019 so far. I have long had a love of old windmills and this was absolutely amazing.
Walters in the foreground and fields upon fields of tulips behind us

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