Tap Tap… Is this thing on?

Life continues to roll along here. We started back to homeschool about 6 weeks ago. Then co-op started a couple of weeks later – the day after Labor Day. The thing we’ve been enjoying the most at home has been a book called Time Traveler by Usborne. We have studied medieval castles, the Vikings, and are currently in the midst of the Roman Empire. All 3 of us are fascinated by it and it’s become the thing we look forward to reading about during afternoon snack.

Current status – Isaac:
He’ll officially be 7 1/2 in 4 days. His primary passions are Pokemon Go, Minecraft (discussions, not playing it), and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). He started BJJ in July and has found his niche. Here’s are a quick video of Isaac and one of his favorite instructors, Israel. The studio is run by Professor Ruy (pronounce hooey) who is a black belt. Israel and Jojo are Ruy’s primary assistants and all 3 of them are amazing men. Isaac has gotten stronger already. He goes Monday through Thursday for an hour each day and he begs to go. Isaac’s co-op class with Miss Sevara has been creating all sorts of things. He’s recently brought home a bridge and a catapult he’s made. They’ve been fun projects.

Current status – Laine:
She’s been 5 1/2 for over a week now. Her passions are anything glittery, pink, twirly, princess, or unicorn. She’s in dance once a week and is still enjoying it. She gets to use the barre this year, so that’s exciting and new for her. Tap dance is harder than ballet, but she seems to enjoy it. She is also getting better at her reading. Today she read “Tin Raft,” which is the first story in her second All About Reading Level 1 book. She is moving slowly and steadily through the curriculum and I’m thankful that she’s pacing herself in such a way that she’s not getting overwhelmed but still moving forward. Laine has a new teacher this year, Miss Chris(tina). Her class is awesome. She’s working on mindfulness, studying human anatomy, and learning geography. She never wants to leave when I try to pick her up after class. I’ve teased Christina a few times that she’s going to end up with another daughter.

Both kids decided to continue swim lessons into the fall, so we’ve switched from week-long lessons to weekly lessons. This week was their first chance to go in the big pool. They did great, but they need to get a bit more comfortable with it before they move up to the next level. I expect that to take a couple of weeks.

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