5 Months for Laine!

My goodness. I feel like I just posted about Laine’s 4-month birthday last week! She is growing so quickly! Laine is a very sweet little one. She is SO HAPPY! She is also completely fascinated by everything Isaac does. She is eager to get moving so she can follow him around. Then things are *really* going to get interesting! LOL

As you have seen from videos this month, Laine is mastering rolling from her back to her belly. She is usually content on her belly for a few minutes after she rolls over, but then I have to go rescue her. Within the past month, she has also learned that she can turn up the volume! She loves to “sing” at me while I am eating.. We will begin introducing pureed foods to her in a month or so. It looks like I am still providing her enough to eat, so I would prefer to delay a little longer. We could technically start at any time, but it looks like there may be fewer chances of allergies if we delay until the 6-month mark (which we did with Isaac).

Laine seems to be getting over some of her trepidation about the camera, as well. I took 3 pics for this month and they all turned out well! 🙂 Enjoy!

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