Summer Storms

After last summer’s ridiculous drought, we are all in favor of some good rain around here. We have had 3 days of rain, so far. The storms on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons were very different. Tuesday’s was more like a short hurricane. Candy, who lives maybe 5 miles from here, is close to a weather station. The station picked up winds of 90 mph! As I was watching out the window during the storm, I have no trouble believing that at all. Bark was literally flying off the Crape Myrtle tree as I was watching. The rain chain on the driveway side was floating off the ground and hovering in front of the window nearest the stairs as I watched. I didn’t video that day because I was carrying the baby around and it makes for a wobbly video.

Yesterday, Isaac napped through the storm, so I was able to set Laine down and do some video and still photos. There was no major wind yesterday, but WOW!! There was a lot of rain.

This is the rain chain outside my bedroom window. See how hard it is to view the house across the street through the rain?

Listen to this:

The river, I mean street, into the park next door.

Flooding along the front of the house:

There is a river running through my front yard. You can see the small patch of green between the water and the street on the other side.

Picnic table is drowning!

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