Isaac had his first dental appointment on Monday. It went pretty well, I thought. Isaac wasn’t a huge fan of the experience, but is probably still infinitely easier than their usual unhappy patient. Our young friend Zoe likes the dentist at Groovy Molar. It is definitely NOT your typical dentist’s office.

Our visit started with a technician brushing Isaac’s teeth. He initially sat on my lap, but he wouldn’t open his mouth enough for her to brush, so we moved on to plan B. This meant Isaac sat on my lap, facing me, but his head was in the technician’s lap. He loathes being on his back in an unfamiliar place (can you blame him?) so this caused a few small tears. It also made him open his mouth to cry, however, so the tech was able to brush pretty well.

The dentist, Dr. Singleton, was outstanding. He was very patient with Isaac and gave the little man time to warm up to him a bit before trying to look in his mouth. Once Isaac had a little time with him, he was made to lie back down in the same position while the dentist looked around and then brushed a sticky fluoride treatment on his teeth. Dr. Singleton said he was happy with the spacing of Isaac’s teeth, so there should be plenty of room for permanent teeth when the time comes. He was also okay with the paci…for now. Isaac has four new molars coming in within the next couple of months, so he’s already getting irritable as a result. Dr. Singleton said not to worry about trying to get rid of the paci until after the teeth are in. He clearly knows kids… On the bright side, Isaac is getting terrific about handing over the paci. It’s only in at nap times and bed time. He will  hand it to me if I forget to pick it up and will give it to me with no whining if I ask. This is huge progress, but we’re going to baby-step it.

Anyway, it was a good experience and we’ll go back again. I am glad to have found a good dentist after some of the scary stories from other mommy friends in town.

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