Our yard looks SO much better! I was so excited that I literally did cartwheels in the backyard. Thankfully, no one but Isaac saw me. 🙂 

 The sod installers arrived at about 8:15 a.m. on Thursday. They were really pleased at how “accessible” our lot was. The fork truck was able to put pallets right where they were needed; even in the backyard. 

Back yard progress:

 Sprinklers make rainbows:

Front yard progress:

Tank full of water rolled across sod to insure minimal air between soil and sod:

Front yard looks good!

So does the back:

Todd has been working on the sprinkler system for a few weeks now and is busy doing some final tweaks to it this weekend. They put out a LOT of water, but we want to be sure that the soil can actually absorb all of the water it’s getting. The new grass has to be watered twice daily for at least the first week (you know, the one where Todd’s in Europe?). He’s trying to idiot-proof the sprinkler set-up so that even I will be able to operate it.

Isaac is still asking for “dirt” every time we go in the back yard. I think he’s a little disappointed that we have all of this fluffy new grass. Todd and I are elated, however, and Isaac is finding little oases of dirt in other areas of the yard now. In other news, Nana (my Mom) arrived yesterday. I will try to post some updates while Todd is out of the country, but please continue to bear with me. I know some of you would appreciate more regular updates, but it’s tricky when I need to entertain 2 kids at the same time. Especially when one of them wants to be outside all-the-live-long day. I’ll let you determine which child that is. 🙂

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