Septic/Sewer Project

In case you haven’t heard, we’re connecting to the city sewer line after discovering (in January) that our septic tank floated.  The City of Austin is a bureaucratic nightmare, but the connection has finally been made.  Now we need them to come back out to inspect again.  I am not sure how much difference it makes since we are indeed attached and the septic tank is collapsed…

It’s been an exciting ride.  The first day of excavation led to a busted city water main…twice.  Our entire street was without water during dinner time.  Our neighbors were not pleased.

About 5 minutes before the pipe was hit (last Tuesday):

Lake Meadowheath:

Master Plumber, Eric, explaining that the City had come out and marked the pipe that morning.  4′ from where the pipe was ACTUALLY located:

Isaac supervising the trenching in our back yard (Burl is our contractor and is operating the excavator):

Floated septic tank – you can see that there was only about 2 inches of dirt over the one side:

Trench from our back porch and out through the gate:

Trench across the front, side yard:

Collapsing the septic tank (yesterday):

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