School of Hard Knocks

Yesterday we had quite an adventure. Isaac had been in the yard playing for a few hours and we were having a good time. He was, as he often is, playing on and around the lawn tractor. He loves to sit on the seat and then climb down. He does it over and over again. He had gotten down off the mower and was chasing Jackson. He then ran back to the mower, tripped, and banged himself up on the front, steel bumper. It’s a plain metal pipe about 1.5 inches around. He started screaming before I could even pick him up, although I was less than 2 steps away when it happened. He gave both of us a pretty good scare. He buried his head in my shoulder, so I wasn’t initially able to see the damage. When I finally could see it, it had been bleeding for a few minutes and he had gotten it on his hands. I was afraid he would need stitches, but it appears to be pretty shallow.  Unfortunately, he never seems to get completely over the scratches he gets, so hopefully this won’t leave a permanent mark.  I can still see where he had a severe diaper rash 2 months ago and where the back of his hand was scratched weeks ago…  😦  Fair skin…

This is how he looked once I got him cleaned up yesterday afternoon.

First thing this morning:

Later this afternoon…

It doesn’t seem to be bothering him too much:

The black eye has gotten darker and darker as the day has worn on, but the swelling seems to be subsiding.  Poor kid.  I took him to HEB and was worried that someone was going to call Child Protective Services, but a couple of parents ended up telling me their “black eye” stories, instead.  LOL  I guess I am not the first parent to have done this!

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