I had an amusing exchange with John, our contractor, yesterday.  I have been asking him for a schedule since last week.  A written schedule.  He hasn’t responded to me, but has talked to Todd and given him some of our scheduling plans.  Tuesday night, I messaged him and said I’d like to have the details by the end of this week.  Here’s the response I got yesterday:

Hi Heather,
The schedule is as follows:
The guys will be out tomorrow to tear off the siding and install the foam board.  On Friday they will install the two doors upstairs and begin the siding installation. On Monday or Tuesday they will install the trim around the columns.  The windows won’t be here for another week and a half or so but they will be the last to install.
I have been in contact with Todd so he knows the schedule. Let me know if you need anything else.


What do you suppose the odds are that construction will be finished (except for the windows) by next Tuesday?  LOL  I really did have to laugh.

According to the web site for Texas Storm Chasers, this weekend is the best chance we’ll have of getting real rain for the first time this year.  This makes perfect sense because they ripped the roof off of our house yesterday.  Not just the roof, either, but also the plywood that the roof was attached to.  Our attic is completely exposed to the elements.  I would say our chances of rain have never been better!  LOL  We’ll just have to see what actually happens and cross that bridge if/when we come to it.  I doubt I can stop it from raining just by stressing myself out, so I won’t bother to do that!

New arrival today.  There is *no way* this thing is going to hold all of the scrap accumulating in our yard…

Our roof.  Inside the dumpster:

Street-level view:

Closer view from the ground:

New rafters!

VERY shallow pitch on the new roof:

 Looking the other way down the house:

Looking up into the rafters.  There is white plastic sheeting over the top, exposed portion of the attic.  It blew like crazy in the wind last night.  At the bottom of the photo, you can see our attic insulation, the roofing that did not have to be removed, and then the new rafters on top.

Now that is a shallow roof pitch!!

In other news, I have hopefully found a new pediatrician for Isaac.  I interviewed Dr. Kangos on Monday.  While he isn’t exactly warm & fuzzy, he respects that the parents are the primary caregivers…  This is comforting because I got a lot of lectures on how to properly parent from our previous pediatrician.  We have been unhappy with the previous doctor for some time, but I was reluctant to try to find a new doctor because it is such a hassle.  She really upset me several months ago, however, when I asked her not to do something and she said, “well, I’m going to do it anyway” and proceeded to do so.  That should have been when I left, but I am a chicken…  Anyway, his 18-month appointment is scheduled for Monday, so we’ll see how Dr. Kangos does with Isaac.

Isaac also successfully ate yogurt with no noticeable negative reactions.  This is good news because it means he is, hopefully, learning to process dairy properly.

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