Second floor porch progress

More progress on the porch today!  They started putting up the support columns for the roof today.  Tomorrow they are supposed to begin tearing off the existing roof so they can tie in at the ceiling height.  It was bizarre to see people walking outside the window while I was at the computer this afternoon.  🙂  Isaac didn’t mind, though!  The guys occasionally wave or say “hi” to him when they see him.  Since I know they notice him, I hate to be holding the camera up in the window trying to capture them working…  Thus, we only take pictures at the end of the day.

Little helper:

Todd and Bob (the framing lead):

#1 reason to keep the windows closed.  For the grandmothers who are now worrying, NO, I did not let him out onto the deck unless he was in my arms or Todd’s:

Looking across the “upper deck”:

Todd and Isaac checking out the new view:

View from below:

Street-level view (note that Jackson is in the same place as he is in the Google Sketchup drawing my sister created):

Jackson checking out Dad and Isaac, who are checking out Jackson:

I had to laugh at everyone hanging out the window.  I inadvertently got myself on film in the process:

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