House Updates

Todd was busy with NIWeek this week, so Isaac and I kept ourselves busy with some small projects.  I painted the ceiling in our guest room.  Then I painted one of the walls in our powder room downstairs.  I painted the wall burnt orange and I love the way it turned out.  I wanted a nice, autumn color in there and I think it warmed the room up perfectly.

This weekend, Todd tackled a few projects, as well. He got our downstairs closet put together, so we’ll now have somewhere to hang guests’ jackets if the weather ever cools back down.  While Isaac wasn’t able to help me with the paint (can you imagine?!), he was quite handy with Todd’s tools this morning:

Playing with Dad’s drill (after Dad took the drill bit out)

Checking to be sure the wall is level:

Calibrating the stud finder:

“I think something is missing here, Mom.”

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