Isaac’s First Birthday

I didn’t realize (until Mom told me) that I hadn’t posted any photos from Isaac’s actual birthday.  I only posted pictures from the party.  Sorry!  Most of the excitement was actually at the party, rather than on the day itself.

Blue Bear is shrinking!

First, our friend Candy brought over a super-cute little dinosaur that she made for Isaac.  The red fabric has little grey tools all over it and is perfect for Isaac.  It even goes well with his bedroom decor! 

Then, our very nice next door neighbor, Kathy, surprised us with a toy for Isaac.  He LOVES this thing and the various (loud) noises it can make when Mom and Dad are trying to watch TV.

Then, Daddy came home from work and put together the gift from Mom & Dad.  It’s a cool tricycle thing.  Isaac’s friend Cash has one, too, and Isaac really likes this.  It’s how we go on walks now…

I have a great video of Todd playing with this, but I can’t get it to upload…

Later, Isaac opened his present from Aunt Shannon, Uncle Scott, Kyle, and Katie.  The tree frog passed the taste test.

He got this fun rocking puppy (as opposed to a rocking horse) from Aunt Krissy and Uncle Dave.  This has been a fun toy for him so far.  Sometimes he rocks on it; sometimes he kneels on it.

Finally, we gave him the Noah’s Ark set and book that Nana sent.  He plays with it every single day now.  Last night, one of the giraffes jumped ship and went for a swim in my water glass while I wasn’t looking…

The other big, fun gift Isaac got was given to him before the birthday party.  It’s a water/sand table from Grandma and Grandpa.  He likes this toy – especially the various shovels and rakes that he carries all over the house while crawling.

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