Snow Day!

I had lots of grand plans about blogging while Todd was out of town last week.  Then the cold weather hit…  Our pipes froze and Isaac and I had to sleep in the Jeep.  

Okay, not really.  We stayed with our friends, the Cantins, for a few days.  Henry and Isaac had a very extended play day while Candy and Heather got great breakfasts made by Jason each morning.  You could say we made the most of a bad situation.  LOL

Here are a few pictures of Henry and Isaac mostly putting up with their moms taking pictures of them in the snow…  When we got home on Saturday morning, there was still quite a bit of snow in our back yard.  I think we actually had more snow at our home than at the Cantins’ house, but I wasn’t about to traumatize Isaac with another snow pose.

After exhausting himself in the snow, Isaac took a 2+ hour nap in the Pack ‘n’ Play.  Ivy kept an eye on him for me…

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