Isaac slept great last night!  He went to bed around 9:00, but slept (once I popped in the paci at 11:15)  until 2:00!  He then woke at 4:00, 6:00, and finally 8:30.  I know this sounds like a lot to most people, but it was so nice to get 2 hours between wakings instead of only one!!!  To start our day, I did not give Isaac his morning dose of Zantac.  Hopefully that won’t be a mistake.  The doctor and I talked about weaning him off of it, starting with the morning dose.  Here’s hoping I’m not going to be making for a week’s worth of miserable days…  I also gave Isaac his first taste of carrots today.  Understandably, it’s hard to tell the difference, visually, between carrots and sweet potatoes, but they do taste quite different.  Sorry that my hand is in the way for most of this video.  I was mostly posting it so you could see Isaac visibly shudder from the carrots.

As you can see in the next video, he likes to help me feed him.  He loves to play with the spoon.  He is learning to suck the food off the spoon as I put in his mouth, though, which is a step towards learning to eat on his own someday.  With the sweet potatoes, he made a little bit of a mess while eating.  After breakfast today, he actually had to have a bath.  There were carrots up his nose, in his eyelashes, and under his fingernails.  It’s only a matter of time before Jackson starts to find Isaac at least tasty if not otherwise more interesting!

Today was another fun meeting day for our mommy/baby group.  Honestly, I could write a blog about just this amazing group of women and their incredibly cute sons.  They make me feel sane(r).  Partially because some of them may not be sane at all…  :o)

Today, we decided to torture our sons just a little more than usual.  We put them in their Halloween costumes.  Isaac is still not able to sit well on his own, particularly when his little legs are pulled together in a costume.  Candy, thankfully, took lots of photos on my camera, so I was able get a few chuckles from it this evening.

A few group shots of the boys:

Cash is dressed as a bear, Henry is a pumpkin, Nico is a monkey, and Isaac, of course, is Hot Stuff.  LOL  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of Anderson as a tiger.  Stephanie has one on her blog, though.  You really must check out her story on this, I was crying with laughter!!!  (Mom, click on the underlined sentence that starts with the word “Stephanie” to go to her page).

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