Visit from "Aunt" Chel

My college roommate, Michele, has been with us for about the last 5 days.  We’ve had an awesome time together!  She got to meet Isaac for the first time.  (She also spent a great deal of time petting on Jackson, who was very smitten with her).

Chel spent lots of time playing with Isaac.  I am so glad she got to meet him!  I am so used to being Isaac’s only company during the day that it was a little challenging for me to realize that sometimes someone else can play with him or hold him, too.  I’m just used to being the one he relies on for everything most of the time.  It was good to have someone else entertain him a little:

After all, I’m not always a good influence:

Sunday, we all went to Six Flags.  It was the scene of this year’s National Instruments company picnic.  We had a great time!  Since there were 3 of us, we rotated who rode the coasters and who stayed with Isaac.  It worked out really well.  Isaac got to meet lots of Todd’s coworkers, and we got to see their little ones.  Michele was really a champ and seemed to have a lot of fun just holding Isaac and playing with him.

On the way home, we stopped at Freetail for some microbrews and a good dinner.  We joined our friends the Voosens.  Mo had fun keeping Isaac entertained while her little girl played with some of the “big kids.”

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