We have floors!

After lots and lots of hard work on Todd’s part, I am happy to report that we have hardwood floors!  He finished them this morning by laying the remaining pieces in the pantry.  We calculated that we would need 800 square feet of wood.  We purchased 850 square feet.  We have 2 boxes, (44 square feet), left over.  Todd managed to create very little scrap!

The pantry floor:

Transition from kitchen to dining room:

We found a new base moulding at Lowe’s today and determined what we would like to do for our door frames downstairs.  Our house is coming together!  We have decided to go with a larger base moulding in order to cover the 1/2-inch gap between the edges of the hardwood and the walls.  The gap was left so the wood has room to expand and contract as necessary.  We
are hoping that the larger moulding will work out well so that we don’t have to use the quarter-round on top of the moulding.

Today, Todd began work on the downstairs bath. He got the door hung, so there will be some privacy.

We bought a new vanity today, as well. 

Isaac is officially a Walter now that he’s been to Lowe’s twice in one day. We originally had 3 bathroom vanity candidates. The first, and most viable, option was the vanity in the original half-bath. That one completely disintegrated when we moved it to the garage a few months ago. The other 2 were from the master bath. We needed to fill a 37″ wide space. One vanity was 32″ wide; the other was 39″. Back to Lowe’s!

Finally, the most amusing part of our day. I didn’t have a chance to get to HEB today, so we ordered Chinese for dinner. When the driver arrived, she said, “Wow! He was right! The other driver told me to check out your floors.” She mentioned that we were still on concrete the first time she came. Apparently, we order Chinese enough that our house is a topic of conversation. I’m not entirely sure I like what that implies about my cooking.

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