Diaper Cake

There was quite a bit of talk about this diaper cake, so I thought I’d post a picture of the final product.  I was bummed that I couldn’t find a lamb to put on top of the cake, but I think it was fine with just the bow.  Tica, the cake’s recipient, was happy, with it.  I had fun making this one.  It’s different from the ones I normally do.  This one is “cleaner” in that you don’t see all of the diapers at first glance.

I wrapped a blanket around the outside of the second layer, then pinned it so you could see the cute little frog and turtle on the blanket.  If you were to look down at the cake from above, you’d see the individual diapers in this layer.  The bottom layer is also covered by a blanket, but I laid the blanket over the whole layer because the diapers made a larger circle.  The top layer is a collection of burp cloths from the baby registry, wrapped in another burp cloth.

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