Busy Day

Todd took a shift with Isaac last night.  Right after his 5-month birthday, we got 3 glorious nights of sleep.  I was hoping we were all set for a real chance to catch up on my own rest, but Isaac has other plans, apparently.  Anyway, last night I finally had gotten him settled into bed at 10:45, but he was fussing 5 minutes later.  I settled him down again.  He woke right back up.  Todd offered to take a shift, so I let him.  I went to the guest room and slept until about 1:15 when either I heard Isaac through my earplugs or mothering instinct woke me up.  I nursed him.  He slept until 4:15 (which is 3 hours between feedings and a good step in the right direction).  I nursed him again and he slept until 6:15.  We finally got up for the day at 8:45.

Our night owl:

All of this waking might lead you to ask, as I did, why is the little stinker waking up?  A little background:  we put Isaac to sleep on his tummy, parallel to the bed (in his bassinet).  Two nights in the last week, I’ve awakened to find him perpendicular to the bed, with his feet where his head once was, on his back, holding his little toes, and smiling at me.  “Look what I did, Mommy!”  I can’t get mad at that little face, so I chalked it up to learning to roll over more successfully.  Well…

This afternoon, Isaac fell asleep on my shoulder, so I set him on his tummy in his crib.  He immediately woke up (as usual-I wonder what the heck is in the crib mattress?).  I left him in the crib for a few minutes while I folded diapers.  I figured he could get in a little tummy time and I could get one thing off my to-do list.  While I folded, I kept an eye on Isaac.  And I figured out why he’s not sleeping.  He’s trying to learn to crawl.  Never mind that he can’t yet sit on his own…  He had his legs going a mile a minute and even got his belly off the mattress.  He just can’t support the weight of his head and his belly at the same time.  Once he lets his belly down, his head launches right back up off the mattress.  Anyway, he sways his li’l butt in the air when he’s moving his legs around, which is what caused him to roll over in his bassinet those two nights.  At least that’s my current suspicion…

In other news, my friend Lisa came by this morning, so we took our dogs for a walk this morning.  Jackson and Tank, Lisa’s dog, thoroughly exhausted themselves trying to determine which of them was in charge.  They wore Isaac out, too:
We got the dogs home and I decided to put a little water in a bottle for Isaac since we were both so sweaty from the walk.  The doctor told me I could do this when we went to the 4-month appointment.  He has been resistant to taking the bottle for a while because we keep giving him the Zantac, but he seemed to have fun playing with the bottle and even drank about 2 sips of water.

Then he decided to be a ham for Lisa:

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